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Please sign our petition: 


Date:  Saturday, April 15, 2017

Time: 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM

Place:  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom at 1001 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo.  

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is essentially a stationary circus. Tigers, dolphins, walruses, various other mammals, and birds are kept hungry, forced to perform, and stuck in wretched little cages off exhibit where patrons cannot view them when they aren't performing. The marine mammals are kept in unhealthy water that makes them sick and shortens their lives. 

Meet on the street in front of Six Flags. Signs, banners and leaflets will be provided. Park at the Courtyard Marriott across the street for $20 or park for free by turning east onto Sage St., driving under HW 37 and parking on Griffin Dr. Don't pay $25 to park in Six Flags’ parking lot.   

 Please RSVP on Facebook or to so we can alert you if it rains.  If you have questions, call Janet at 415-328-0164. 



Sending a polite email to John Duffey, CEO of Six Flags Corporation, is as easy as one-two-three.  First, highlight the email below and copy it.  Second, click on this link: Third, paste the suggested text in your email.  (It is even better to inject your own words.)

Dear Mr. Duffy,  

I am writing to ask that you focus entirely on the rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and allow the animals to go to organizations that can rehabilitate them for release into the wild or to certified sanctuaries where they will have the opportunity to express their natural behaviors.

The National Aquarium is sending their dolphins to a live in a sea pen.  You can do that, too! 

You have already made a successful transition from Marine World to a roller coaster park. Please finish it by letting the animals go back to the wild, if possible, or to certified sanctuaries or sea pens.        




Together we can succeed!

Spread the Word

Like and follow us on Facebook. Inform your friends and family that Six Flags is a terrible place for animals.  They die prematurely, live in crowded conditions, are stressed by the roller coaster noises, loud speakers and crowds, kept hungry so they will perform tricks, receive subpar vet care, and, in the case of the elephants, beaten and shocked with stun guns to train them through fear and intimidation. EVERY TICKET SUPPORTS ANIMAL ABUSE even if the patrons just go for the rides.


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