The tigers are punished for displeasing the trainers (who Six Flags euphamistically call "Animal Care Specialists").

 Bengal tiger exists at the base of a huge roller coaster and has a loud speaker right outside his enclosure blaring "music."  He paces from boredom, stress and unnatural living conditions.  

This Six Flags employee (below) gets the Pinocchio award for the most lies in five minutes.  He claims that the animals at Six Flags are either rescues, are born at Six Flags or come from other facilites that can no longer house them.  That is a bald-faced lie.  None of the elephants were rescues or come from private owners; only one dolphin was rescued - EIGHT WERE CAPTURED FROM THE WILD; tiger cubs Faruk and Kismet were not rescues.  However, some of the seals and sea lions are considered rescues.  All of the elephants who did not die at Six Flags were transferred to other elephant-abusing organization, such as Wildlife Safari and Vision Quest.