SIX FLAGS DOESN'T CARE AT ALL ABOUT THEIR ANIMALS.  The last two resident elephants, Valerie and Liz, could easily have gone to PAWS, a certified elephant sanctuary two hours away in San Andreas, CA, where they would have had dozens of acres of grass, trees and ponds to explore and other elephant friends to meet.  Instead, Six Flags dumped them at Wildlife Safari, one of In Defense of Animals’ Ten Worst Zoos for elephants. Six Flags did not sell Valerie and Liz, they gave them to a place where they would be hit and hooked with bullhooks (weapons resembling fireplace pokers) and forced to give rides and perform tricks. 

Notice how Liz bobs her head at Wildlife Safari due to anxiety. 

What a terrible shame that Six Flags did not let them go to PAWS where they would never again see a chain or bullhook.  

Mara and "71" enjoying life at PAWS

Mara and "71" enjoying life at PAWS

Additionally, anyone who has witnessed the tigers at the San Francisco Zoo at feeding time knows that they roar in anticipation of his meal.  Not at Six Flags.  Employees have told us that if a tiger roars when he is about to be fed, HE DOES NOT GET TO EAT.  God forbid that a tiger actually exhibits natural behaviors at Six Flags.  

These are among the reasons that the Advocates for the Animals at Six Flags want all of the animals to go to certified sanctuaries and sea pens.